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– Hi, I'm Naomi Wadler and you're watching NowThis Kids, presented by Cheerios. Believe it or not, I am
not a big fan of chores. I mean, they're not the
most fun thing to do, right? They take forever, they're super boring and I'd rather be doing
something way more fun instead. But what if everyone
stopped doing their chores? If every single person in a family decided to decline their duties, that house would not be pretty because chipping in with chores, helps keep things tidy,
clean, and organized. Now imagine if everyone in the town or state or even the whole
country, stopped helping out. Things would get messy pretty fast. It takes a group effort
to create a nice place to live for everyone in the community. But in order for us to
keep our community safe and comfortable places to exist, that means everybody has to do their part. Even if it means washing the dishes. Today, we're talking about
how to be an active member, in our communities and
why it's so important to help out whenever we can. This is Emma MacDonald. She's a volunteer at the
Fort Greene community fridge, a revolving refrigerator
that lives outside, that's full of healthy, free
food for families in need.

We talked to Emma about
the fridges mission, how she got involved with volunteering and the importance of
helping out her community. – The contents of the
fridge are for anyone to take when they need it. It's maintained by the same
community that it's used by. And it's all very local,
we all take care of it as volunteers and have a kind of schedule for checking up on it every day and making sure things
are looking good in there. People are using it, the
most important idea is that you wouldn't put anything in that you wouldn't want to
find there and take yourself, the group who organized it is really kind of creating a community amongst ourselves.

And also by getting to know
more people in the neighborhood. It's a really powerful way of making a little effort at least. – A community is a group of people who in some way or another
all have something in common. That's something could be a location, like a neighborhood, a city,
even a whole continent. Community can also refer
to a person's beliefs or religion and even
way less serious stuff like the sport teams
someone likes or the books and movies they are fans of. We're all a part of so many communities. We might not even realize we're in them, but that just means there
are a lot of opportunities for us to chip in and make them fun, accepting, and encouraging
places to live our lives. We should all think about some issues or causes that are
relevant to our community Emma's cause is food accessibility. But you can look into the
issues affecting your community and identify ways to make things better from volunteering at the local food bank, down to lending a pencil
to someone in need.

Literally any act of kindness
is a positive benefit to the community by taking a step back and seeing how much our actions have made our community better. We can motivate ourselves
to keep on helping and use these gains to encourage others around us, to chip in too. Communities are all
about the give and take. And when we help each other out, the end result is a stronger,
more loving community. – Communities are where we thrive. There are places we feel safe, surrounded by our friends and loved ones. Communities have power and as members, we all have a responsibility
to do the work, to keep them clean, safe, and supportive. Thanks for watching this episode of, NowThis Kids, presented by Cheerios. If you liked this episode,
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