What is the Best Commercial Kitchen Hood Filter Material

One of the decisions you'll need to make
when purchasing a hood filter is what material type you want. You've got three
to choose from. You got stainless steel, galvanized and
aluminum. This, for example, is a stainless steel. It's very shiny, it's easy to clean,
and it's gonna last a lot longer than the other types. Galvanized is fine. It
works well but it will turn black or dark green very quickly, and it will
corrode a lot faster.

Once it starts to corrode it gets pits in the surface and
it's just really hard to get that grease off. The other type is aluminum. Aluminum looks good but it's very lightweight. It dents and bends very easily and if you
use any type of harsh chemical on aluminum they will almost deteriorate. So
aluminum and galvanized are very cheap. They're not gonna last very long. We're
always gonna recommend just go ahead and buy the stainless steel. They're gonna
last a lot longer. They're easier to clean and they look great. But no matter
what material type you pick just make sure it is UL listed.

UL listed means
it's gonna meet fire code and also satisfy your insurance requirements..


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